Hutchinson, Minnesota
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Daryl Rath's TT Race School is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of over 20 years of racing knowledge from Daryl Rath! The class is will cover all aspects of TT racing from your Bike set up to reading ever changing track conditions. For more information on what to expect visit our Class Details page. 
Are you as fast the first lap 
                                 as the last lap?
Up-coming TT Schools:
Daryl Rath TT Race School
2016 Schedule:
June 17th - 18th
July 8th - 9th
August 19th - 20th

Other dates available. Call to schedule.
Sway Bar 
Training Reading Track Conditions 
Daryl is part Racer, Engineer, and Machinist. Daryl took all of his knowledge of quads and developed his own line of professional racing components. Once his products showed up at the track on winning quads the orders started coming in. After a few years it was clear the demand for products has grown and it was time to expand, add some employees and continue to develop and design new products to keep up. Even while building Rath Racing; Daryl has continued to race competitively.
Who is Daryl Rath?
What will be Covered?
Rath Racing TT Video